7 Cheap Foods for Bodybuilding Cutting Diet

If you’re flat broke because you are in college or just because whatever, keeping up with a proper diet can seem like a big challenge. Lots of high protein or other nutrient dense foods aren’t exactly cheap, and so you have to get creative in order to hit you macro goals for the day. Luckily, there are still some foods out there that you can use to get cut and not break the bank in the process. Here is my list of cutting diet staples, that I use to make the bulk of my diet for cheap.


Oats- One canister usually runs me about $2.60 and contains 15 cups of oats. This is my go to for carbohydrate intake on a cutting diet, as that canister lasts a week or two depending on my needs.

Chicken (Frozen bags)- Protein! Depending on the store and/or the day, you can usually pick up 2.5 lbs of frozen chicken breasts for $6-10.

Eggs- More protein. Pair it with a bowl of oats in the morning.

Frozen veggies-I eat a ton of veggies when cutting. It helps to keep me full and is full of vitamins.

Beans- Cans of beans are extremely cheap and even cheaper if you buy dried beans and prep them yourself.

Potatoes- Potatoes run like $3-5 a bag and sweet potatoes are especially useful.

Bananas-A cheap way to get some extra calories and nutrients.



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