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There are millions of people who engage in some form of exercise each day for reasons such as health, job demands, or to attract the opposite sex, but I think at some point most of these people have attempted to simply get themselves ripped. Judging by the late night infomercials, one would think that losing body fat and chiseling your frame down is some mystical process that can only be cured by doing 1,000 crunches every day or having a great body is only available to those with the right ‘genetics’. Nonsense.

The process for getting great six pack abs is actually quite simple. Granted, the work and dedication can be quite strenuous but the overall concept of getting ripped fast is fairly basic in its components:

  • Diet
  • Weights
  • Cardio
  • Proper Rest

Not very much to it right? To me, those are the four ingredients that are required in order to undergo a physique transformation and if one can get those four ducks in a row, they will be well on their way towards accomplishing their fitness goals. What I hope to accomplish with this site is to illuminate concepts in each of these four categories in order to maximize results and get that stubborn fat melting off of the body.




You see some really bizarre diets out there these days. Each month magazines claim to have the latest and greatest diets that made some celebrity get into shape or some overweight housewife miraculously drop 47 lbs! If the diet advice found in these magazines is so sound, then why would they have to constantly push new diets?


Once again the real answer to ‘what to eat to get a six pack?’ is much simpler than many people make it out to be. Honestly, when starting out on a new way of eating the best thing for you might be to slowly start eliminating the junk from your diet as the first step towards fat loss. Food can be quite an addiction and breaking the psychological barriers can be tough, especially if you try to do it all at once.


Getting rid of this excess belly fat is more about what you eat than how much you exercise. There is the old adage that abs are made in the kitchen and as you progress the more you find this to be true. Weights and cardio are important for burning extra calories and building muscle in order to shape the body into your ideal look but extreme fat loss starts with diet. Here are some of this site’s best dietary posts to get started:


Workout Plans to Get Ripped

Okay, okay. Diet is important and all to get a great six pack but what do I actually do? How do I train to get those ripped abs fast?

How you train will be dictated by the type of aesthetic look you are going for. I see people at the gym all the time who do cardio constantly and have a skinny or skinny fat look depending on their diet. That’s fine if that’s your goal. Different strokes, right? However, if you’re like me and judging by the fact you ended up here this is probably the case, then your goal is to have a lean and muscular physique that has cuts in all the right places. We want a look that will turn heads, that makes us look like a Greek statue, simply put we want ripped six pack abs. With that in mind here are some more posts to move you in the right direction:


Workout Program Reviews

For years now, I have designed my own workout routines and have experimented with different things that I have found that work best for me. On your own fitness journey you will find that certain foods will become a staple in your diet and some exercises your body will respond well to. One thing that I have fought against in my own fitness journey is having things become stale and repetitive. Challenging the body can produce great results and not allow yourself to get stuck in plateau situations in which you stagnate.

With that in mind, I am always reading more and trying to incorporate different exercises into my own life. This has led me recently to trying or studying different workout programs and reviewing them for the site:

Insanity: The Asylum

Yep, I tried this Beach Body workout DVD set and actually really enjoyed it. I actually performed the Gameday DVD as part of my workout today and still regularly do other workouts from this program. It is a great, all-around workout that will really have you sweating and burning fat. Here are all of my entries on The Asylum:

 Visual Impact Muscle Workout Review

I like to read different books and I came across an ebook program by Rusty Moore called Visual Impact, which is a program designed to give your physique the “Hollywood Look”. Roughly translated, the “Hollywood Look” is the lean and cut physique we seem to be after.

I took a few days to comb through and read this program in order to gauge its potential effectiveness as a workout program and I was quite impressed by what it had to offer. The program is broken down into three, two-month phases for a total of six months’ worth of training and even comes with a bonus phase which explains how to get the “shrink-wrap” effect (really ripped abs).

The program is laid out very well and Rusty Moore gives detailed explanations on both the thinking behind the program and on the Visual Impact workouts themselves.

Sample customer reviews of Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Program:

“So on 7/26 I sent my brother a picture of myself from the 15th and one from the 26th. Only 11 days of Phase 1. His reply was “holy crap”.”

“Over the course of the next 6 months…I was able to get into the BEST shape of my life, and that is no joke or exaggeration. I dropped down to 173 at my lowest, with I’d measured to be roughly 9-10% BF. My abs were visible, I felt amazing.”

“After following Visual Impact for 6 months I had taken my body fat percentage from 15% all the way down to a chiseled 6.5%. I had traded droopy pecs, chaffing legs and a chubby face for a drop dead sexy physique.”

“The book is PERFECT! The program will give you the look of Abercrombie Models which is hot! The information AWESOME! It’s all you need to know to achieve whatever kind of physique you want…”

Watch Rusty’s free videos and more customer reviews here: Visual Impact

Read my review of the program here: Visual Impact Review



If you’re looking for information on how to get ripped abs fast, then I hope you will take the time and explore the site. I try to write fresh content as much as I can and am always looking to share more tips and ideas with visitors. The necessary work is rarely easy, but if you stick with a plan and adjust when you need to then results will come.

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