Lose the Belly Fat with More than Just Cardio

Cardio can be a highly effective tool for rapid fat loss. There are many people who hate doing cardio, however, and many more who swear by it. It is not only a great way to get rid of the excess weight, it is also an amazing way to improve your endurance and cardiovascular health. However, cardio is still a tool in the overall scheme of getting ripped abs but it isn’t the only game in town. Cardio alone isn’t going to get you great results. Therefore your aerobic exercise should be part of a complete program which also includes strength training and a healthy diet.

One of the major keys to losing body fat and maintaining a healthy weight long-term is by doing strength exercises. Gains in muscle mass are a driving force behind keeping one’s metabolism high and stable. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day, even at rest. Some people still have the notion (especially women) that lifting weights is going to turn them into some big and bulky monster like you see in certain bodybuilding shows. This just isn’t the case and most of those crazy results only come through taking drugs and hormones plus many years of training. So, to really speed up your metabolism and shed body fat once and for all, there is no substitute for strength training. It isn’t always considered as a fat loss tool but in reality it is an integral part to any program.Simply, muscle burns fat. If you lift along with doing your cardio, results have a tendency to skyrocket.

Weight lifting allows you to better control the way your body looks. Taking a program of cardio and diet alone and most people are going to end up looking rather flat and skinny. That’s fine, if that’s what you want. However, if you want to be cut, aesthetic, and create an overall sexy look then you need to hit the weights. Doing so will strengthen, reaffirm, tone up and improve your muscles, and the overall appearance of your body. Muscle improves your health in countless ways. Strength exercise increases bone density, can help fight diabetes, strengthen the heart and to be free of symptoms of arthritis. It also improves your overall immune system.

You do not have to spend hours and hours on the elliptical or on the treadmill to lose weight. On the contrary, it does not help you very much in reaching your physique goals and is totally exhausting as well. You still have to do aerobic exercises to assist you in your cardiovascular health and body fat removal. But alone, cardio exercise should not be the only game in town for health and fat loss. Now you know, get to do some form of strength exercises and soon notice the difference in your weight and how you see your body. Your body can lose weight better if you do more than just cardio exercises.

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