8 Changes You Can Make Today for Ripped Abs

So you want to get ripped abs fast? Well, depending on the current composition of your body in terms of body fat percentage it may take longer than you might want. Stick with it though because the change will come and when you reach your goal it will be well worth it. However, there are changes that you can make starting today to get you on the path to getting great six pack abs and here are eight examples.


1. Drink more water


If you want to get ripped abs you are going to have to cut out the sugary drinks and replace them with water. Water is amazing for fat loss, getting rid of excess waste, and keeping your skin looking healthy. If you are a consistent soda drinker then start replacing those cans today with water. Sports drinks and soda can be high and sugar and useless calories so avoid them if you want a six pack. On another note, green tea can also be implemented into your diet because of its effects on your metabolism. Try adding a cup of green tea in the morning to help boost your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.



2. Food Journal


Food journaling seems really lame right? I know it can be annoying to write out everything that you eat but it is a really great way to keep track of what you are putting into your body and measure the success you had eating that way sometime in the future. Food journaling helps you to catch the mistakes you are making and easily figure out what amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats you are taking.


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3. Controlling Your Portions


Look at the nutritional facts label on your favorite junk food snack (We’re about to get rid of those so take this time to say goodbye) and notice the serving size. How often do you actually stick to that? In order to achieve your fitness goals then you need to get your portions under control. A good way to do this is by measuring out your food. Now at first it takes some effort to get to know how much it too much but you will quickly learn and have it become second nature. Our goal is to eat 5-6 smaller, healthier meals a day instead of the usual 1-3 large meals people tend to eat. This will help burn more calories by keeping your metabolism running high.


4. Organize kitchen/workspace


You are sitting at your computer right now and you are most likely at home or at work. True or false there is junk food in your workspace? If you answered false good for you. A great way to get any diet program in gear immediately is by getting rid of all of the crap that you eat while at work or that is sitting in your kitchen pantry or refrigerator.


5. Cut out processed foods


I suppose that this could be an extension of number four. Not only are we going to get rid of junk food from our kitchen but we also need to ban them from coming back. Processed foods are often laden with sugar, high sodium, and just plain empty calories with very little nutritional value. You will be amazed how quickly your body responds once you make the switch to more natural foods and leave the junk food behind.


6. Eat Breakfast


Eat breakfast! Do not skip this meal! The first meal of the day sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you get a great nutritional breakfast then you will be more focused to start the day at work or school and not go through the energy crash and binge eating cycle that can happen when you skip breakfast or ingest some food with no nutritional value. By the time you read this today you’ve probably already had your breakfast for the day so start strong tomorrow.


7. Increase cardio intensity


If you are going to workout today why not kick up the cardio intensity a little bit? Slow and steady cardio can have benefits but for cutting fat and getting ripped abs nothing beats shorter and more high intensity workouts. Just make a simple change, so if you usually walk on a treadmill why not increase the incline some and your speed as well? Sure upping the intensity is harder but the results are well worth it.


8. Drop carbs at night


You don’t necessarily have to eliminate carbs before bedtime but dropping them down will help to make sure that these calories don’t get stored as fat. It can be a good idea to drink a low carb protein shake before bed to feed your muscles but skip a heavy meal and get your carbohydrates earlier in the day. The one exception is if you do your workout late night. In that case you will want a post workout meal with a mixture of protein and carbohydrates.

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