Visual Impact Muscle Workout Review

Visual Impact is an e-book program designed not only to get people into shape but to also help them achieve a certain aesthetically pleasing build, the so-called “Hollywood Look”. Before featuring this program from author Rusty Moore, I wanted to write a detailed and honest review of what this program entails and how I think it can be helpful in achieving the ripped six pack everyone seems to be looking for.


The introduction of the Visual Impact book takes a look at the insular world of online bodybuilding forums in which the pursuit of building as much muscle mass as possible takes precedent many times over having an aesthetically pleasing physique. Moore takes a position at odds with this one and states quite correctly that most guys would rather have the smaller yet ripped frames similar to Hollywood’s leading men versus being able to squat some inordinate amount of weight.



In chapter one of Visual Impact, the big three lifts (bench press, squat, deadlift) are discussed and Moore starts to turn conventional methods on their head. While Moore acknowledges their use for building tons of mass quickly and that it may be useful for beginning trainers to add muscle to a skinny frame that too much of these exercises creates a disproportionate look. The first few chapters of the book are spent explaining the physical ideal that the reader is gunning for and the types of training you should avoid if you want to get a body that is cut up and aesthetic.


I found his coverage of the different types of muscle building in chapter two to be pretty fascinating (yeah, I’m a dork). Moore presents two types of muscle growth Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy (Increase in the muscle cell fluid within the muscle cell) and Myofibrillar Hypertrophy (muscle fiber growth). He states that Sarcoplasmic won’t make the muscle significantly stronger and that Myofibrillar Hypertrophy will see great gains in muscle strength but limited gains in size. These concepts become very important for designing a proper workout because different rep ranges will favor one type of growth over the other. Don’t worry about understanding this part completely just based off my review, the Visual Impact program goes into great detail about implementing rep ranges and how and when they should change.


Want to give Visual Impact a try? Start by watching the free videos by clicking below!

The next few sections of Visual Impact cover the idea of “cumulative fatigue” and volume training. Both of these concepts are important tools in building solid muscle mass. Rusty Moore does a thorough job of presenting the differences in results yielded from a program of high volume and low reps versus one of low volume and high reps while also covering rest periods in between sets during different routines. Visual Impact does provide a program for you to follow but also gives you the tools to tweak the program for your own individual needs.



Overview of the Visual Impact Workouts


Now on to the actual program portion of Visual Impact. This routine is broken down into 3 phases, each lasting 2 months for a total of 6 months:


Phase I: Remember that bit about Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy? This is the phase for that, where you  set out to add volume to the muscles that need it.


Phase II: This phase is a combination of strength and muscle building with fewer reps and a still shortened rest period.


Phase III: Involves heavier lifts at a lower volume along with high-intensity training.


Did I say there were three phases? Well, technically yes there are. However, Visual Impact comes with a bonus phase as well.


Bonus Phase: Creating the “shrink wrap effect” which is a rapid increase in muscle after you have lost a lot of fat to make the skin appear tight around the muscle. Great for those times you need to look great at the beach.


The first phase is a three-day split:


Day 1: Chest, shoulders, triceps

Day 2: Legs, calves, abs

Day 3: Back, biceps, forearms


While phase II cuts down to a two-day split routine where more muscle groups are worked for each day but the volume is dropped to around five reps per set. The final phase of the program is heavier lifting with tighter caloric restrictions and also the leg training is dropped completely. Here Moore makes some interesting choices in how he goes about getting ripped and he does a very good job in presenting the information on his reasoning behind them. The rep ranges here are from 2-4 each for most of the exercises he lays out in this phase and there is an increase in the amount of cardio compared to the first two phases. Time for fat loss!


The Bonus phase is one of my favorite sections of the Visual Impact program. In this section Rusty Moore reveals his technique to get the “shrink wrap effect” to make the skin look tight around the muscles. He uses an example of Taylor Lautner’s training in New Moon and how he inadvertently created this look also. It is a very interesting take on adding new muscle after you’ve already attained a low body fat percentage and a different method than the usual bulk and cut.


Pros and Cons of the Visual Impact Program




-Includes the manual, workout charts, exercise demonstrations, and the bonus book Supplement Conspiracy which breaks down myths of the supplement industry.


-Concepts are clearly laid out and explained in a simple manner


-The workout progresses in different phases which achieve specific goals geared toward the ultimate goal of getting ripped.


-Rusty Moore designed the program so that you can start with the base program and then tailor it to your own specific needs.


-The current price is only $47, which is about the same or even less than the per hour cost of a good personal trainer.


-Doesn’t rely on gimmicks or nonsense. This program will get someone the results they want if they are willing to do the work and stick to it.




-The diet portion of the program explains how you should eat in terms of food and caloric needs but it you desire a step by step menu you may want to look elsewhere. However, you will be able to create a menu yourself based on the information given pretty easily.




Final Thoughts

To conclude this review of the Visual Impact workout program, I want to commend its author for creating a great and simple to follow plan geared towards the “Hollywood” look. I think that he is correct in his assertions that this lean and ripped look is what most guys aspire to and what most females will be attracted to. Many other programs on the market are geared toward the bodybuilding crowd (which is cool if that’s what you want to achieve) and those weight loss books for fat housewives. Visual Impact takes a common sense approach by implementing weight training, cardio, and proper diet and then magnifies their results by specifically targeting a set goal. For the price of $47 it is a very affordable option that will get results for anyone who puts forth the effort. If you want to get ripped, Visual Impact is simply a winner.

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