How to Get a Body like Cristiano Ronaldo: Workout and Diet

As one of the top athletes in the world Cristiano Ronaldo must constantly stay in peak physical condition. It is not just the aesthetical appeal of his physique that matters but the functionality his body needs in order to get past defenders and put the ball into the back of the net. In order to hone and perfect his skill, Ronaldo must practice for hours a day, doing various drills and sport specific exercises to keep his talent world class.  For our purposes, we are more interested in how to develop a physique that looks like Cristiano’s, so creating a Ronaldo workout will not focus on playing soccer (football) unless that is something you already like to do. In order to achieve this type of body, it is important to have a solid diet plan and exercise routine, which emphasizes cardiovascular conditioning to get those lean six pack abs plus some weight training/body weight exercises in order to look extremely toned. How do we get a body like Cristiano Ronaldo? Let’s explore that further.

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout


The first thing to consider before starting an exercise routine is your own current level of fitness. Ronaldo is an elite athlete, who is paid to train and perform at a high level. You, on the other hand may be a student and/or have a job or other responsibilities that make it more difficult to train at the same time each day and may have you in a less than optimal physical condition.  That’s perfectly fine but in order to achieve a great body you will have to implement the necessary changes in your life.

Start by cutting the junk out of your diet. Ronaldo eats healthy to maintain his fitness and it will be necessary if you wish to achieve his body fat levels. I’ll get into what you should eat a bit later in this post but for right now let’s eliminate the things that aren’t vital to our diet. Sodas, sugary foods, processed snacks like chips, alcohol, fast food, etc. I think instinctively you will know what foods are bad for you, though you may not be aware of the dramatic changes they can have on your body, until you get rid of them. Diet is the most important part of this process….do not skip over it.

In order to get a body like Ronaldo, we must consider what type of physique he actually has and match our routine to fit that aesthetic.  A quick search reveals that he is six foot one in height and weighs 185 pounds, which isn’t very big, but he isn’t completely scrawny either. This means that building a foundation of muscle will be necessary in order to get this type of chiseled frame but we must be careful to not get too bulky. Also, as I said before the diet will be most important because even if you lift and run if your diet isn’t on point you will end up with some fat layers or way too much bulk to achieve the Ronaldo look.

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If I were trying to get my body to look like Cristiano Ronaldo’s, I would have to change my training routine from the one I currently use, which involves something closer to a bodybuilder’s training split. I am 10-15 pound heavier than Ronaldo but about the same height as well so getting this physique wouldn’t be too much of a problem but it would certainly take work. The first thing that I would consider for my exercise program would be the cardio. Ronaldo runs on the pitch usually for a full 90 minute match, so his offseason will involve lots of cardiovascular work that mixes distance with the ability to explode into a sprint at the right time.

My cardio sessions would take place 3 or 4 days each week. One day would be a distance run, in which I would run a certain number of miles. This routine would be progressive, meaning if all I could run was one mile then for the first 2-3 weeks of training I will run one mile on this day in order to build my endurance. Eventually, I would work my way up to 3 or 4 miles depending on the type of results I am seeing.

Another cardio day, would consist of sprints. Remember, Ronaldo needs his explosiveness in order to make runs on the goal. For our purposes, sprinting is not only a great way to increase your speed but it also is great cardio to help burn fat without losing very much muscle, if any. We don’t want to be skinny so sprinting will be a vital tool.  The cardio workouts would take place like a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and another day could be thrown in between but I like to have 2 days off usually between sprinting workouts because it can be pretty taxing.

As far as weight training goes, 3 days a week will be sufficient to get a similar body to Ronaldo’s. Since we will not have to spend as much time in the weight room in order to get a bigger physique like Mark Wahlberg’s for example, we can change the training methodology as well. Circuit training would work well in this circumstance as we need to train our whole body but not blast each muscle group with its own training session like a bodybuilder would.  One exercise followed by another, with weights light enough to crank out 12-15 reps each is what I would use. I think that I would pick out 4-5 exercises and do each circuit 4-5 times as well, this will hit each muscle group with enough to help it grow which is all we need to get a Ronaldo physique.

Abs like Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is pretty famous for his abs as well as his soccer playing ability, which is why he also does modeling like photo shoots as part of his endorsements. Fortunately, abs don’t require doing thousands of crunches per day or anything crazy like that but 2 or 3 days per week of solid training.  Ripped abs need to be developed through proper exercise and revealed through proper diet. My ab training would consist of some weighted work such as cable crunches or jack-knifes as well as body weight exercises such as leg raises and work with an exercise ball. The diet is what will really help to make those abs look fantastic.


The diet will need to be clean, have lots of protein from lean sources, enough carbohydrates for energy, and some healthy fats. A clean diet means getting rid of the processed foods as I discussed earlier. Replace these foods with fruits and veggies, especially green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach which are loaded with nutrients. Good protein sources include, chicken, eggs, turkey, some lean cuts of beef and pork, whey protein powder, beans and other legumes, fat free milk, and fish. Be sure to stay away from things like hamburgers from fast food joints, which have lots of protein but are laden with saturated fats.

Fats are something that our body needs so don’t scare away from all fats. About 15% of our diet’s so come from fat to maintain proper testosterone production in our bodies. Good sources of fat include fish like tuna and salmon, nuts which are also good protein sources, and some types of oils. We also need carbohydrates to help energize our workouts so things like brown rice, whole grain breads, and sweet potatoes should be eaten as well.

To get a body like Cristiano Ronaldo you must train and eat in a similar manner. Cardio and diet should be the main emphasis over a usual bodybuilder’s bulking routine but weights should not be neglected as you will want to look cut and not merely skinny. Any workout routine you decide to used needs to be paired with a tight diet to keep the fat off and fuel your body with the nutrients it will need to train on a regular basis. Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and workout routine are both world class to keep him on the level of an elite athlete, so if you want those types of results you have to put in that type of effort.

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