3 Tips in Eliminating Body Fat Fast

People are becoming more and more aware that shedding body fat is not the necessarily the same thing as pure weight loss (which can include muscle or water loss). The range of body weight isn’t always the most important thing, rather, reducing body fat and/or increasing muscle mass can lead to many health benefits along with a healthy diet. The good news is that by focusing on reducing body fat levels, the scale will also show a reduction in weight as well and can be done in a healthy way without starvation or other extreme diets. Plus, by focusing on body fat reduction and not ‘weight loss’, muscle mass is preserved and can create a lean and toned look.


These tips will help you quickly reduce your percentage of body fat and improve your health and fitness in very little time:

As the first and most important piece of advice is that the food choices are essential. With every meal you  eat during the day you can go in diametrically opposite directions. You can choose from foods that will give you a great density of fat, calories, and low to very low nutrition such as potato chips, soft drinks, pastries, fried chicken (and other fried foods); or you can go in the direction of fish, chicken breast, fruits, vegetables, water and nuts which contain not only an incredible nutrition but are easily incorporated into a set allotment of calories.

So, whatever the number of meals a day you eat, if you happen to consume unnecessary calories as is the case of a portion of fries, a hamburger and a soda can easily go to 1000-2200 calories at once. On the other hand, you can opt for a good salad with lots of vegetables, fish, and water. Doing so will allow you to eat a great quantity of food in terms of mass, without all of the extra calories, that set you back. Bad food not only adds excess calories but the poor quality of these foods contain excessive amounts of fat which in turn causes an increase in the amount you were trying to lose.

As a second tip I would say as a general rule at every meal you do have to eat slowly and thoroughly. The reason? Eating much less, you will be filled before and you will stop at just that time you stop feeling hungry. But besides the food it is better digested, the more nutrients will be absorbed and will develop a beneficial food culture for years to come.

A glass of water before and another after eating also help in countless processes involved with burning body fat but in turn keep us free from hunger longer. And please do not underestimate these points, because in the current bad climate of food culture, we tend to consume unnecessary amounts of food. Therefore, if you learn to eat better, with better quality and an appropriate amount for your activity level and calorie needs daily gradually discover that your body composition is changing.

Finally, we come to the third tip. The first two referred to the quality of food in our diet, so that our diet does not involve significant amounts of fat, and therefore do not increase our percentage of body fat. Exercises to eliminate body fat are aerobic exercises that burn directly and strength exercises that burn indirectly. So, your safest bet is to do both in a comprehensive exercise program. For example for the cardio you can do any of the myriad of programs out there. It can be long and slow traditional cardio, or may be cardio intervals, or one of its variants. As for the strength exercises are usually weights but can also be exercises with body weight. Then, you can mix all of this into your week and you have secured a good effective exercise program.

There you have it, three tips to start reducing the amount of body fat and improve your health and body composition. Remember to always measure everything you do, do not need to do anything extraordinary. Sticking to a program, a slow reduction of calories when paired with a gradual increase in exercise, leads to continued progress and great results. 


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