7 Tips for a Hot Bikini Body


With beach season right around the corner it means plenty of fun, sun, and for you ladies getting a hot bikini body. Coming off of the holiday season and the cold months of winter, it is almost natural for many people to pack on some pounds because after all you can just hide it with a heavy coat right? If you want to have lots of confidence in how you body looks this summer than you need to start working hard right now. Getting a perfect bikini body takes plenty of time and effort but if you plan ahead you can avoid a last minute diet and praying for pounds of fat to come off.


1. More frequent meals

Yes, the first tip involves more eating. We are eating five to six smaller meals every two or three hours instead of three full meals. This little trick helps to raise your metabolism and makes it easier not to crave junk food because you won’t constantly be hungry like on a stupid starvation diet.


2. Increase Protein Intake

Protein helps to build and repair muscle after the tough workouts I know you will be putting in. Protein is essential for developing a hot bikini body. Your protein sources shouldn’t be fast food burgers rather you should derive your protein from chicken, fish, and lean cuts of steak or pork. Don’t forget your legumes either. Lentils, beans, and nuts are high in protein and other nutrients like iron.





3. Processed Carbohydrates Cut Back

Most supermarkets have a perimeter of healthy, natural foods and then in the heart of the store lies most of the processed crap. Avoid those aisles! Get your carbohydrates from vegetables and whole wheat grains or oats. Here are some good tips for your carbohydrate intake while cutting: Eat the most carbs of the day when you first wake up and right after your workout. Both times make sure you also have a good source of protein. Also, eliminate carbohydrates after 8-9 PM.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Getting that perfect bikini body you should start to get rid of every trace of soda and alcohol from your diet. Water makes your skin look great and get rid of waste in your system. Plus the whole no calorie thing. Soda and alcohol can add thousands of calories to your diet each week which is kind of counter intuitive when you are trying to burn fat right?


5. Increase Your Cardio Intensity

As you get closer and closer to revealing your body on the beach you will need to step up the intensity in the gym. Eventually you will want to build yourself up to doing 4-5 cardio sessions each week and replacing those long one hour sessions with 20-40 minute sessions in which you pick up the pace. The extra intensity burns more calories and won’t let you feel as bored as some of the other cardio can.

6. Lift Weights

Lifting weights isn’t going to make you big and bulky but it will help to shape your body and give you that toned look. We don’t want to sacrifice your curves just help you get trim and toned and lifting will help us do that.

Start lifting weights three times per week at first by doing some total body circuit training with repetitions in the 12-15 range. As you get closer to your bikini deadline you can begin to emphasize certain body parts with their own day of workouts such as the legs which are all too important in a great figure on the beach. Lifting weights also helps you burn off those extra calories and shed that fat.

7. Train Your Abs

You do not have to nor should you do thousands of crunches or train your abs everyday. In fact three times per week with a day of rest in between will be plenty of training for your abs. Your abs will be made in the kitchen which means diet is the most important aspect of getting your bikini body ready but ab training will help tone and develop the look you want.

Getting a perfect bikini body isn’t something that can be done overnight. Utilize these tips to make a more specific plan of how you are going to get the look you want and if you stick to it you will look fantastic for your next day at the pool or beach.

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