A Few Challenges to Rapid Fat Loss

There can be a number of challenges and mental perceptions that come along with trying to lose fat. In fact, the diet and exercise of getting ripped is quite straightforward…the problem is the mental side of things which trips up so many people on their journey. Changing habits can be quite difficult, schedules change, new responsibilities pop up, and motivation wavers throughout the process.  In this post, I am going to address some of the challenges that come up while dieting down, that don’t have to do with what diet to follow or exercise routine to try.


Not Accepting the Results You’ve Gotten

Fat Loss is not a linear process. Sometimes, you burn it off fast and then go for a week or two without any visible changes. It sucks but that’s the way it is. The problem is, that this type of thing can discourage people and cause them to give up, right before a major breakthrough could happen. Maybe all they needed was a simply tweak in their diets or just to wait a few more days to see the next level of fat loss to occur.  On the one hand, some people think they aren’t making progress when they actually are  and that false perception inevitably leads to somehow sabotage all the good they were doing with their diet and exercise program. They think they aren’t doing enough when they are doing just the right amount.

Other people, hype up their expectations and think that they are going to go hard for a few weeks and have an amazing and ripped physique in under a month. When it doesn’t happen, they lose hope and motivation, and the program goes by the wayside. It is always possible to break this perception. To do this, it can be important to track the entire process and take not of the longer terms gains in fat loss and strength gains. Taking photos of oneself, once per week, can give a good visual representation of all that you have done right. Also, learn to manage expectations 5-10 pounds per month, is actually a really good rate of fat loss, especially at the early stages. This process can take 3-5 months (fat loss, if you want to gain muscle and then lose fat, that’ll take much longer) depending on your starting point.


Ignoring Detractors and Conflicting Ideas

There is also a problem with conflicting information. While on a diet or exercise plan, other people will suggest better methods or magazines will declare losing 20 pounds per month on whatever new crash diet. This type of thing can easily sway you and lead you off course if you let it. Stick with the plan! Trust in the process and make adjustments as needed but don’t throw the whole thing out for something different 2 weeks in. Have a plan and follow it to see how well it works for you and your schedule. Sure, you might be able to lose weight faster with another plan, but you don’t have to chase results if you already have something that is working for you. This is about consistency and not perfection.

Working on your mindset is as important as what foods you eat and lifts you do. If your consistency is weak then your results will be too. Practice patience, become responsible for your weight and your health, take charge of your priorities, commit yourself to what you want and the fat loss will come with time and effort.

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