I Need Motivation to Workout: How to Find Motivation

Motivation is fairly easy to get for short periods of time. Unfortunately, getting a ripped set of abs takes a longer period of time than many people can keep themselves focused for. Once that initial motivation is gone it becomes easy to fall back into old habits both dietary and relating to your exercise routine. Breaking this cycle of hard work followed by falling back into the trap of old habits takes a commitment to your goal of achieving a six pack and some planning. Mental obstacles are the biggest problems that you must solve on your journey because the diet itself and exercise are a breeze. How you feel and how you think about your goal however is a different animal to deal with. If you are currently saying to yourself, “I need motivation to workout: then the following tips should be of great use to you.

Know Exactly What you Want

Knowing that you want a great set of abs is a great end goal to have but it isn’t very concrete and how do you know when you’ve met your goal? Is it when you’ve gotten a six pack or lowered your body fat percentage to a specific number? Define your goals so that you can measure your progress both in the short and long term. If your six months away from a six pack then it is difficult to feel that motivation to keep up your cardio. On the flip side if you say I want to lose 8 pounds this month then that is something measurable and in the short term a goal that you can focus on.

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Get Control of Your Mind. Don’t Let Negativity Rule You

Motivation is all in your head. Laziness is exactly the same. Which one do you want to choose?  Often the difference between wanting to do something or being lazy is how long you let yourself debate it in your head. Take action and go workout before you weight the cons about doing so and get really comfortable on the sofa. Not wanting to workout is usually due to blowing things out of proportion. Working out is not that terrible but your perception of it is. 60-90 minutes of work is really nothing at all and the time will fly by if you just go do it.


Getting through a workout is very hard to do sometimes when you don’t have any motivation or simply just feel tired. Most of the time you aren’t really tired per se, rather you might just need to get some blood pumping to get your body out of a low energy state. On these days make yourself workout and feel proud of yourself that you got through the workout and didn’t quit. Sometimes the little victories can go a long way in improving your motivation for the next day.


Music has a profound effect on your mood and motivation levels. Think about how hearing certain songs can make you feel or take you back to a specific moment in time. Hearing a break up song when your sad can make you feel worse but the opposite is true and the right song can make you want to get up and work hard. Find these songs that spur motivation within you and listen to them before and during your workout for great results.

Make it Fun

Some workouts are boring as hell, you know it and I know it. Ok, so what’s the obvious solution? Do workouts that are fun. Having an activity that you enjoy doing doesn’t seem like work even when you are burning calories and fat. Instead of boring cardio that you try to avoid at all costs why not try a sport or get a workout partner to help you get through a workout and be accountable for one another?

There is a definite ebb and flow to your energy levels and motivation. However, if you can tap into different little tricks it is easy to continue one good workout into the next and soon you have established a routine. Getting a ripped six pack takes a lot of work over a period of time and if you cannot train yourself to get through the mental barriers then you will not succeed.

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