Why Bother Getting Ripped Abs?

The area covering our abdominal muscles is one of the most difficult areas to remove fat (especially for males). This spot is the first area which gains fat and the last part where it is eliminated.  There are many ways to reduce abdominal fat, but if you want to make it permanent, you need to have long-term and sustainable plans. Stomach fat is not only an aesthetic issue, it also creates physical problems, waist-hip ratio is one of the most accurate health indicators in the world. Being overweight, which is directly reflected in the belly area, sets the stage for heart disease, compression and malfunction of your organs, and for some, chronic back pain.

Being seriously overweight is such a major problem for many people, and the rates have only been climbing. At some point, it just becomes normalized, and the issue never really gets seriously addressed for lots of folks. We want quick fixes that do not make us work too hard, preferably not cost us anything, no time, no effort or money. Companies that sell products under the guise of a magic fix, have no problem selling the dream.

You know what will happen continuing down the same path of sedentary lifestyle and a piss poor dietThe good news is it’s never too late to start. Remove stomach fat is something really very simple, but it requires you to develop skills like commitment and discipline. Nothing worth achieving is easy, the fat took years to accumulate and it won’t be removed in a week of hard work but the results do come and the health and aesthetic benefits are amazing. While looking good naked is a great motivator, the feelings of health and vitality (as well as the reality of being healthy) is the most important aspect of the journey. Loads of belly fat didn’t pop up overnight and the solution is by no means overnight either.  However, once you decide to do things differently, these poor habits can be reversed.

Removing abdominal fat, when done correctly can indeed be permanent. You can ‘spot reduce’ and just have the belly disappear through endless crunches or other exercises, you must lose body fat. For this, there are two requirements: healthy eating and exercise. There is no other solution to long-term health, wellness, and the quality of results. So now, don’t wait, don’t excuse your shortcomings anymore, create a plan, stick with it, go as slow as needed, and get it done.

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