Tips to Supercharge a Fat Loss Diet and Exercise Program

Getting a set of ripped abs is a process that takes time and dedication. Overall fitness is exactly the same in how you approach it. You can’t expect results overnight after a lifetime of poor diet and exercise habits. You can however, make certain changes to help you reach your goals in a shorter amount of time and with more efficiency. In this post, I want to present a few tips to help to keep things moving along in a fat loss routine, and reach those goals.


Change Your Workout Up, When Needed

Workout routines become just that after a while, routine. Our bodies are initially shocked by the intensity or style of workout but after months of the same thing, it adapts. At some point, your results flat line, and at that point it’s time to consider switching it up. You can change the whole routine or you can increase the weight amount, the number of repetitions, do the opposite of what you were doing consistently, etc.  Our bodies aren’t constant, they are always changing and adapting to deal with the stress of life, as such you need to tweak things as you progress to avoid getting stuck in a rut.


Exercise is a part, Diet is the main force

A terrible diet cannot be overcome by even the best workout routine. Losing fat boils down to calories in vs calories out, with other variables helping to shape the outcome. As such, having no diet plan and going to the gym is basically just spinning your wheels and never progressing beyond perhaps some newbie muscle gains. If you want a lean, strong, fast, strong and healthy body one quarter corresponds to the exercise, the other three quarters of the food. Learn about nutrition.


You Are What You Eat…Before and After Your Workout

The two most important meals of the day for us fitness types is the pre-workout and post-workout meal. Now, the post workout is the most important of all because it re-feeds the muscles which allows for growth. What you eat before training is vital to having the energy required to maximize the routine. Eating the right foods after training restores these levels, you have a window of time to flood your muscles with nutrients. Learn to take advantage of these two amazing meals that can positively change the composition of your body.


Cardio has a Definite Place

When designing a fitness program, it is important to not just consider the types of lifts that you will be doing. Cardio exercises are great for your body, can significantly improve your health and help you achieve your goals faster. The cardio accelerates the loss of body fat and there are so many ways to hit these goals through exercise. The amount you should do depends on your goals, but you have to make it a part of your routine, even in exclusive programs to gain muscle mass.


There is No Spot Reduction

How do I get rid of belly fat? What exercises do I need to do to make this happen? Sorry, crunches won’t get rid of your gut. That comes from steady fat loss as a combination of a diet which creates a caloric deficit and an exercise program to further fat loss and promote muscle gain. Fat loss will occur all over your body as a gradual reduction and unfortunately, the belly is the last place it melts off, especially for men.




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