How to Boost Energy Levels: Increasing Energy Naturally

There seems to be a definite energy crisis in America and I’m not talking about Peak Oil. Energy shots and drinks are a huge market in this country and there is an endless variety of these products that promise you however many hours of energy by gulping down a list of stimulants. Now there are vitamins in these types of drinks but there is also plenty of caffeine to go around which can be a problem if your sensitive or just don’t like the possibility of having your sleeping pattern messed with. Also, there is the factor of cost. Do you really want to throw away 50-100 a month by taking one of these everyday? Spending that kind of money just so you can feel close to normal? There are many factors that can contribute to a lack of energy but luckily for you there are natural ways to boost your energy that will let you break your reliance on energy shots and drinks.


Hydrate Yourself


It is always important to stay hydrated with water for reasons ranging to skin health to fat loss. However, being dehydrated can also make you feel extremely low energy and also very hungry when in reality your body just needs some water. Now water isn’t a stimulant that will suddenly perk you up but you can think about it as a longer term solution to keeping your body running optimally.

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The Most Important Meal

Breakfast really sets the tone for how the rest of your day is going to go. Many people skip breakfast and then end up binging on junk food and sugary drinks searching for energy. Getting a complete and nutritious meal to start the day will give you a balanced feeling and you won’t have to take a drink that can make you jittery to get it.

Short Exercise

Many of us have sedentary jobs that can easily getting boring after a few hours (or a few minutes for some poor souls). Boredom and sitting at a desk can make you feel extremely tired and run down even when there is nothing beyond that actually making you tired. This is often how energy crashes and cycles get established when people are trying to ward off these feelings of lethargy. A great way to get a quick energy boost is by getting your blood pumping. Jumping jacks, push ups, or even a nice walk during a break can reignite your body and prepare you to finish the day strong. Don’t discount the importance of stretching and how much it can help getting blood and nutrients into the muscles.


Eat Less Sugar

Sugar gives you a temporary energy burst but it leads to an energy crash and the establishment of a cycle which can not only wreck havoc on your energy levels but also cause you to gain fat. Processed foods are generally unhealthy and beyond just the short term effects that their sugar content can have, long-term it can lead to nasty healthy conditions that won’t be of any help to your body.


Set Aside to Unwind Each Day

In the modern world there often isn’t enough time in the day for us to simply breathe and take stock of things. Stress can psychologically drain you as well as physically and can manifest itself in lagging energy levels. It is a really good idea to set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day where you put all the technology away and just let yourself decompress without any distractions. A break like this in the middle of the day can let you recharge and have a surge of energy to get through the rest of the day.

Smaller and More Frequent Meals

Eating large meals requires a lot of energy on the part of our bodies in order to digest all of that food. Having a large lunch or dinner will have you wanting to go to sleep rather than put forth effort towards work or a workout. However, we also need to eat because hunger itself will produce these feelings of being zapped of energy. Since our goal for this site is to get ripped abs you should be eating smaller and more frequent meals anyways because it helps to keep you metabolism high.

If you’re feeling low on energy don’t go chasing the stop gap solutions of energy drinks and unhealthy snack foods to help you just get by. It creates bad habits that you will have to break at some point. A healthier diet that gives you all of the nutrients your body craves, along with proper sleep and a great exercise routine will have you energy levels at a sustainable level for the long run.

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