More Quick Tips for Summer Six Pack Abs

Getting a solid and defined look to our bodies is a goal that many men and women have especially during the summertime. It can be a great feeling to walk around, as close to naked as modesty allows, and feel completely at ease and even proud of how your body looks. It sounds like a cool thing to accomplish but it is also something that takes time, effort, work, and strategy in order to accomplish. Maybe that’s why it’s so sought after, since it is difficult, it is rare and thus desired. Is it possible? Of course! There are many people who have undergone a complete body transformation and achieved ripped abs and a generally lean physique.  If you want to make it happen you have to follow some guidelines to getting that six pack.


Carbs Aren’t Evil but Be Smart with Them

The reality is that carbohydrates are not the enemy,  you just have to know how to choose them. Some people do like to go low carb and that is a very effective way to lose fat but it can be a difficult process to get through, the weight will come back once you add in carbs, etc. Others like to employ carb cycling towards the end of their dieting down process, in order to jump start the fat loss while still having the carb refeed days.

You don’t have to cut carbs to lose fat but they are one macronutrient group which can be manipulated in order to jump start fat loss. One effective strategy is to consume most of them in your first meal and after training or only after training in order to refuel the muscles.  Carbohydrates for those meals can include oatmeal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice and beans, whole grains, natural yogurt. Preferably they are low GI as these will release the blood sugar slowly and without triggering hormones that promote fat accumulation.

Again, carbs aren’t evil, a caloric deficit will still yield the desired fat loss but you can use carbs strategically in order to speed up the process to an extent.

Fats are Necessary

Eating fat does not make you fat. It is still about the total number of calories that one consumes. Now, having too much fat in your diet can effect body composition and overall health but it can’t be too low either as it is vital for proper hormone function. Eating good fats, can be very beneficial. Fat is another source of energy that the body uses and needs for various processes so, if you are someone who wants to manipulate carbohydrate intake for fat loss, getting more fat in the diet will be essential on the low carb days. In addition fatty acids such as omega-3 favor fat burning processes and thereby reducing our overall body fat percentage.

Cut Out the Soda and Alcohol

I shouldn’t have to say this but sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages are empty calories which will have you going over you caloric total on a daily basis if you consume them. Diet is the most important aspect of getting a great body and these drinks only make it that much more difficult to stay on track.

Use Weight Lifting Routines to Promote Fat Loss

You don’t have to stick to the same lifting program and in fact you can utilize strength workouts as a way to burn much more fat. For instance, full body routines with high reps and fewer rest in between each set. Adding supersets to an already laid out workout.  Basically you have to increase the intensity of training, promote fat burning while you doing to your body retain or increase muscle tissue you already have. So, combining intense fat loss workouts with a well thought out diet, will have to rolls melting off your belly.

No matter what your current body fat percentage, applying these strategies will help to reduce that number to your targeted goal. It takes consistency and dedication but it is not at all an impossible task to accomplish.

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