The Simple Process of Getting Six Pack Abs

There are so many products, pills, and other assorted knickknacks which are designed to be near ‘magic’ solutions for getting ripped six pack abs. In a very basic sense however, getting cut is quite a simple process. It is perceived not to be because it takes plenty of dedication and so many people fail because lack of discipline, knowledge, or planning. This is the process by which you get rid of your fat belly is straightforward if you have the time, patience, and dedication to make it happen. It may take a matter or months for some or over a year for others but it can be done.

The most important part of this process is the diet. If you don’t bring the discipline to your diet, the six pack abs ain’t happening. Your first goal is to reduce your body fat percentage, and this is done partially with exercise, but mainly with the food you eat. Start making five or six meals a day to speed up your metabolism and begin to track the calories with an app to make sure you stay below maintenance calorie level by roughly 300-500 fewer calories.

There are also foods that are simply going to be too much of a burden to overcome and get the v-cut look. You have to stop eating flour, white bread, non-whole wheat pasta, cans of soft drinks, beer, candy, fast food, sugar, etc. You already know which foods are bad, you just need to break the bad habits.


After exercise

Remember, how important the post-workout meal is. Your results will be diminished if you don’t take advantage of this 30-60 minute window after a workout. First learn to eat, then you train.

Now, your workout can be subdivided into three parts

- Cardio, especially intervals or sprints
- weights
- ab exercises

I generally like to do 5-6 days of workouts per week (6 days is possible when structured correctly). When I first started 3 days of workouts each week was the max since I wasn’t yet acclimated. Cardio can be anything from walking, running, cycling, swimming, whatever you like to do and you can stay so without losing motivation. HIIT and sprint training can be especially effective for burning fat fast. 

With respect to the weights, one can do 2-3 times per week, with full body routines with high repetitions and little rest between sets (30/45 seconds) to stimulate fat burning or opt for something more intense and structured for better gains. At the end of your weight training session, perform specific exercises for the abs. This doesn’t have to be some major extra additive to your workout, just doing enough sets to stimulate the entire area.  If you want to make your abs look cut, you do not need a thousand crunches every day, you need to pay close attention to what you eat and lower your body fat percentage. Training the abs is the least important of all the things you have to do. Focus on these two components with controlled effort, consistency, and patience, and your six-pack will develop.

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