You Have to Diet to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

Many people believe that eating habits will have no bearing on their results so long as they stick to their exercise programs. The truth is that you probably aren’t burning as many calories through exercise as you think and are probably consuming more calories than you may estimate. Without having both aspects working in sync, then results are going to be tepid at best and lead towards mostly stagnation with little progress. If you have a lot of abdominal fat. then it is correct to say that the major factors responsible for this are the way you eat and lack of exercise. If you are trying to get ripped six pack abs, then, diet becomes ever more important in conjunction with a well constructed workout routine. 

In other words, your body composition and level of definition is directly a result of both how you eat and how you workout. If you were to simply cut calories and not lift weights/do cardio, then the result would be that one would probably lose lots of muscle mass and end up just looking skinny or skinny fat…not cut and muscular.  If you want to get a flat stomach, then analyzing and controlling what you eat, and the quality of what you eat is the first step. First, one must give up the unhealthy and counterproductive eating habits that led towards being fat in the first place.

Too much abdominal fat is a common problem for many people and it is a result of both how they eat and how they exercise (or whether they do at all). One can workout fervently and still not have six pack abs, as they come along with a stricter diet.  To have a flat abdomen, and eventually a six pack, you have to first understand the mechanism of your body, how and why your body stores fat in the abdominal area. Some people have the habit of eating until they can’t even get up off of the sofa, which is invariably going to lead to fat gain. So, all that extra energy will become fat and accumulate in different areas of the body. Around the waist, is the area on males where fat is deposited first in general, and the last place that it is removed with diet and exercise.

The good news is that this is not final and can be reversed; and that with effort and determination we can gradually move towards a flat and muscular midsection. Small changes can do wonders. For example if you want to reduce the stomach, as a general rule always avoid overeating. Try to eat smaller meals and do throughout the day, every two or three hours. In the same way, try to eat nutritious foods that give you energy and reduce fatty foods and refined without any nutritional value. It is easy to do with an app for your phone which tracks your calories and allows you to see where the easiest excess calories can be eliminated…most of the time it is liquid calories such as beer and soda

I think we have reached the point where it is clear that the abs are made in the kitchen right?The best tip beyond what ab exercises to do, is to simply track your calories and macro-nutrients and adjust the levels over a period of time.  And of course do not forget to train because that’s the other part of the equation.

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