Don’t Diet, Make a Lifestyle Change to Get Ripped

Getting into great shape and staying healthy in the long run isn’t quite as complicated as it is made out to be. Much of the work is finding healthy food options which fit your lifestyle and your preferences in tastes. The problem with many ‘diets’ is they are temporary and not a natural way of eating. What the hell is a juice cleanse going to do for you long term? Wouldn’t a better method be to still get in fantastic shape but address your food addictions slowly but surely? The answer is yes and this one reason why crash dieting is ultimately a waste of time and detrimental to your health. A healthy diet to lose weight will work alongside your body’s natural tendencies to eliminate those extra pounds. The best way to lose weight is one that ignites and accelerates the metabolism, ie that makes you lose weight naturally. This doesn’t mean forcing yourself to lose weight through extreme and temporary measures. Working in tandem with your metabolism will be very valuable when you lose fat and keep it at a  healthy level. So, it is something you should always look for, either with the food you eat and the exercise you do.

The true key to a solid fat loss diet is sustainability. If you can’t sustain eating habits, the weight will pile back on eventually. As such, you shouldn’t diet merely with the idea to lose weight but rather with a specific and sustainable goal in mind. Such a plan should keep hunger at bay, be enjoyable enough that you hate doing it, keep your body healthy, and be something that can be transitioned into a lifestyle rather than a short term fix. For example, some things that are safe to add to your diet are fruits and especially vegetables. Another simple fix that works is to also eliminate white bread and refined sugars, get rid of soda or alcohol and switch to water; and of course control the amounts of food you eat. These are very basic changes which can have a huge impact over the ensuing months.

And your goal is to speed up your metabolism, and as the food alone will never be enough, the other part of the equation is exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen, through proper diet, however, exercise is where your body is sculpted and improved upon. When done correctly, exercise will stimulate fat loss, add muscle tissue and improve your body composition, all of which will be beneficial to the process of dropping fat. Exercise, along with a healthy diet is what most speeds up the metabolism. No pills, no supplements,  just good food and good exercise on a consistent basis.

Also, if you combine cardio and weights in your training program, this fact become more effective your weight loss. For example, the most common is a routine with cardio days and days of weights. In conclusion, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is to focus on healthy eating and exercise as a habit every day. If you have those two characteristics you have a good plan. Make things fit to your lifestyle but be willing to change the old way you did things, to help a new and better you emerge in the process.



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