Do You Need a Fat Burner to Get a Six Pack?

We as humans can often become impatient in this modern world where we expect instant results. This is especially true for when you are on a fat loss diet or trying to pack on extra muscle and you find yourself staring in the mirror after a tough workout wondering how long will it take for you to see some serious results? Fat burners play on this level of impatience with promises of fast weight loss and the emergence of your set of six pack abs within a few weeks. The question is do you need to or should you take a fat burner to get six pack abs?


Should you use a fat burner?


It is a personal choice whether or not you want to use a fat burner or not. Remember that these are not miracle pills that will magically turn you into the fitness models you see in these products advertisements. You have to do the work and you may find that you are satisfied with the results that you are getting without any outside help.


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Understand that there are different kinds of fat burners both with stimulants as the main ingredients (caffeine or some other stimulant mixture) and then there are the stimulant free varieties. Stimulant-free products are generally less effective but are good for those who are sensitive to stimulants or don’t want the possible side effects that they present. Here are some of the pros and cons of fat burners with stimulants:



-         Helps curb appetite

-         Energy boost

-         Thermogenic effects to help burn calories

-         Can speed up the process of getting ripped

-         Weight loss

-         Possible placebo effect or psychological benefits to make you stick with your routine.



-         Possible jitters and anxiety from the stimulants

-         Can interfere with sleep if taken late in the day

-         Those who are sensitive to stimulants can sometimes feel a bit sick or overwhelmed by the increased heart rate. If you do decide to use a fat burner start with a dose smaller than is recommended on the label to see how your body reacts and never exceed a recommended dose. Trust me, sometimes the maximum recommended dose isn’t something you want to experience either it can be highly unpleasant or kind of scary depending on how your body reacts.

-         Other people have no real sensitivity to the ingredients and experience no real energy boost.

-         Specific products may not work for you while others work great. It really is a guessing game.

-         Weight lost may mostly be water weight.



There are those who highly recommend taking a fat burner to help speed up the process and there are those who are opposed to using stimulants for various reasons. I am in the camp that says that you don’t need to use a far burner for rapid fat loss but they can be useful at a certain point. Let’s be clear a clean diet is the biggest key to getting that ripped six pack look. The second most important thing is having a solid workout routine that you are consistent with. If you do not have those two aspects of weight loss in order then the results you will experience with fat burner supplements will be negligible at best.


When should you use a fat burner?


When should you use a fat burner then? During the process of getting cut I like to slowly eliminate the unhealthy foods from my diet and introduce higher protein intake and more fruits and vegetables as I get closer to whatever my target date is. This means that I generally start my fat busting routine at the beginning of the year so that by the time the warm weather rolls around I will be lean without having to do anything that extreme. In my mind using a fat burner, if I use one at all, is reserved for those last ten pounds or so that can be stubborn to get rid of. By then I am comfortable with the fact that my diet is in order and that I am working hard in the gym.


Do you need to use a fat burner to get six pack abs? Definitely not. Whether or not you want to use them is entirely up to you. Understand the side effects and the risks with taking any supplement before you introduce them into your body. Not everyone will have the same experience either positively or negatively when using fat burners so taking them very well might not be worth it for you. If you are on the fence right now I say just skip them and focus on tightening up your diet and workout routine. If you are hell bent on purchasing a fat burner then use your head and don’t overdo it.

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