How to Lose Belly Fat and Gain Booty for Women

During the winter time, it is really easy to add pounds of fat to your belly and slack off in the gym.  If you would like to change your appearance this summer, you should begin working hard right now. Especially if you want lots of confidence in how your body appears when the clothes come off. Your physique begins in the kitchen. Meaning when you want to change you body in a way that is significant then you’re going to have to shift your diet in a way that is significant. This doesn’t mean crash dieting, it means replacing the crappy foods with nutritious types within a set caloric structure. Having a well-developed backside, can all of the short shorts look amazing and also make you a stronger, more capable sportsman. While a great body is indeed made through appropriate diet, using exercises in order to tone your booty and really give a challenging workout to the glutes is also necessary. Getting a bikini body that is perfect takes loads of time and effort but if you plan ahead it is possible to prevent a last minute diet and praying for pounds of fat to come off.

Diet Tips to Lose Belly Fat

We are going to be eating five to six smaller meals every two or three hours instead of three meals that are complete.This little trick makes it easier not to crave junk food because you won’t constantly and helps to increase your metabolism be famished like on a dumb starvation diet. If you know that you’re one of those individuals who has a hard time sticking to your strict diet, make an easy shift like cutting soda out first, merely to get that first change to be complete.

Then add another few little changes like replacing simple carbohydrates (white breads, biscuits, etc.) with complex carbs like brown rice and fibrous carbohydrates like broccoli. Get your carbohydrates from whole wheat grains or oats and vegetables. Here are some good tips for the carb intake while cutting: Eat the most carbs of the day when you wake up and right after your work out. Both times make certain you also have a good source of protein. Additionally, eliminate carbohydrates after 8-9 PM.

Protein is essential for adding lean mass. The more lean mass you have the more calories you’ll burn through the day and thus the more fat you’ll lose around your waistline. High protein foods include lean cuts of beef, fish, chicken, eggs, turkey, etc. Don’t forget your legumes either. Beans, lentils, and nuts are high in protein and other nutrients like iron and fiber.


Exercises to Get Booty

The most important things when doing these exercises is to give attention to mastering the technique that is proper, even if it means using lighter weights. If you focus on actually working the muscle and making it contract, then that is what will help to shape and lift your butt. Like I wrote before, the diet is most important of all, because if you don’t watch what you eat you’ll have an excellent bottom that won’t be seen under the layers of fat. Get to work, have patience, and the consequences will follow.


When doing lunges because it can really target the hamstrings and the glutes, giving you a great booty and thighs keeping a strict motion is important.

Incline Cardio

Incline cardio including walking on a treadmill or hitting on the stair stepper is perfect for our purposes of trying to target the booty. The specific angle you use will determine what parts of your legs and glutes are being recruited to perform the exercise and we also get the additional advantage of burning off tons of calories while we do our cardio.

Step Ups

Step Ups help to shape the but while this exercise targets the quadriceps as well.


Squats are one of the best exercises you can do period. Not only are the thighs reinforced and shaped but also the glutes. The stance that is used and the amount of depth will determine what muscles get especially recruited to perform the move. As a way to tone your bottom, use a deep squat and utilize the glute muscles to help push the weight up. Make sure you learn appropriate form because it can help work the muscles preventing harm.

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